Accessible and advanced traceability tools for farmers ensuring controlled input and output.

farmcapture™ is a farmer based application for collecting farmers information as well as farm details, input distribution and agricultural output.

farmcapture allows farms, farmer groups and supply chain organisations that meet all applicable requirements of the Sustainable Agriculture Standard and comply with the Rainforest Alliance Assurance Rules process requirements to sell, ship and/or buy their product as Rainforest Alliance Certified. The app consists of different modules for digitising farmer agreements, farm inspection and farm mapping, which includes GPS.

⛶ farmcapture™ set consists of:

  • Biometric registration of farmers
  • GPS location of farms and key locations
  • Farm plan from planting to harvest
  • Geofence monitoring of key activities as required
  • Payment gateway for mobile money and bank
  • Self-managed option for advanced farmers
  • Customised reporting as defined by customer
  • Online / offline functionality for field staff
  • Loan / input issuing and recovery
  • Training management of clerks and farmers
  • Integration with other modules (weightcapture)

Benefits Include

Farmer profiling

The app allows organisations to quickly and efficiently collect and store individual or group bio-data per Rainforest Alliance requirements.

Affordable to all

The app uses Google Maps to allow users to take individual/group GPS coordinates which are then converted into a digital map. 

Farmer production

The app provides producers with a framework to accurately and credibly record the quantities of certified production within their operations

Input Distribution

The app allows organisations to manage stocks effectively and ensure the inputs are distributed to the intended farmers.

Coaching and training

The app allows farm inspectors to conduct training sessions with the help of various tools.

Rainforest Alliance Checklist

The system allows users to confirm all data in accordance with the stipulated requirements, including farm management, traceability, and social requirements. 

Mbogo Tea Factory,
Black Tea Manufacturer

Mbogo Valley Tea Factory's partnership with FarmCapture has been a game-changer for their tea production and manufacturing. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the tea trade, combined with FarmCapture's Rainforest Alliance audit, ensure the production of high-quality tea. With over 10,000 farmers and a 5-star export rating, Mbogo Tea Factory is a leader in the industry. Farmcapture's mobile app streamlines the inspection process, providing detailed data capture, customisable reports, and efficient farmer registration. We highly recommend Mbogo Tea Factory and their use of Farmcapture's innovative solutions.

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