In 2025, all products imported into EU need to be verifiably free of deforestation and degradation.

In 2025, all products imported into the EU derived need to be verifiably free of deforestation and degradation.

Agricapture™ ensures you will be safe from potentially incurring fines (up to 4%), bad reputation and
even closure of your business in the EU.

Agricapture is accessible both as a mobile app and web admin. The systems can be local or cloud based. All data is accessible via user friendly interface, controlled by management and integrated to existing systems for ease of decision making and driving improvements.

By using this application, you will be safe from potentially incurring fines (up to 4% of your turnover), bad reputation and even closure of your business in the EU.

Finally, you will use good practices that will make your business durable and thoughtful in order also to protect forests from extinction. 


⛶ agricapture

To fulfill these EUDR regulations & compliances,
agricapture EUDR provides the following modules

⛶ weightcapture™

Transaction traceability from the first collection up to the shipping port

WeightCapture™ is a digital solution that uses biometric, bluetooth and cloud technology to deliver full verification in the management and processing of goods; eradicating tampering and corruption, and ensuring total transparency in the supply chain, from seed to shelf.

  • Farmer management
  • Produce collections management
  • Inputs allocation
  • Weighbridge management
  • Firewood management
  • Farmer payroll-pay slip / SMS
  • Inventory upload and download
  • Bulk SMS to farmers
  • Reports
  • Printing facility for farmer receipts
  • Sync with weightcapture pro
  • Integration with third party apps
  • Barriers automation for proper weighbridge control

⛶ farmcapture™

Made to facilitate mapping and identification of farmers.

Farmcapture allows farms, farmer groups and supply chain organizations that meet all applicable requirements of the Sustainable Agriculture Standard and comply with the Rainforest Alliance Assurance Rules process requirements to sell, ship and/or buy their product as Rainforest Alliance Certified.

  • Biometric registration of farmers
  • GPS location of farms and key locations
  • Farm plan from planting to harvest
  • Geofence monitoring of key activities as required
  • Payment gateway for mobile money and bank
  • Self-managed option for advanced farmers
  • Customised reporting as defined by customer
  • Online / offline functionality for field staff
  • Loan / input issuing and recovery
  • Training management of clerks and farmers
  • Integration with other modules (weightcapture)

⛶ tracecapture EUDR

Audit Control of all activities for a full control and compliance to EUDR

Allowing audit controls to be done at all levels from farmers plantations to the legality of the land to all the transactions up to the port in the EU

  • API to EUDR for full trace management
  • Audit purposes app with GPS control
  • Reports of all the activities
  • Approval of land ownership by third party controller
  • Random audit system
  • Specific access to auditors for specific areas based on agreement reached 
  • QR code checks Alarm for non-compliance

Total transparency

Digital data collection and verification ensures accuracy and full visibility as every step of the process is tracked and traceable and goods and data cannot be tampered with.

Affordable to all

Our solutions are designed to be affordable, especially to those who need them most.

Immediate payment

Farmers can benefit from immediate, secure payment on the weighing of their crops, as everything is immediately verifiable.

Ethical supply chains

Pilferage, corruption and collusion are all minimised due to total visibility of data, offering peace of mind for communities, companies and consumers.

Assurance of procedures

Accurate logging of processes means procedures and standards are upheld and are fully visible to all parties.

Access to finance

Our partnerships with lenders and digitisation of a farmer’s transaction history ensure that farmers can access affordable advances that would otherwise not be available to them.

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  • Farmers
  • Transporters
  • Buying Organisations
  • Transformers
  • Exporters
  • Auditors
  • Importers
  • Consumers
  • Authorities

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