Biometric census, identification & documentation, fingerprint, face id, identity documents, and more

⛶ idcapture™ enables registrars to record digital census information including biometrics,
face id, identity documents, and other customisable information

idcapture is an effective system for census taking in a scientific and verifiable manner in all environments.

idcapture is composed of 3 parts:

idcapture which is made of a tablet or smartphone PDA that has an embedded Fingerprint sensor and high-quality camera with the app IDCcapture. Can work with a single FP or FourFourTwo FP device.

idcapture windows app which can capture the same information as in the Android app via a Windows Application.

idcapture web verifier which is the backend where all the data flows and is checked and approved. This then generally produces a biometric card that is provided to the censused person.

⛶ idcapture™ set consists of:

  • Census of biometrics, biographic and documents of citizens
  • ICAO standard for photo taking
  • Base of all the data in the verification process
  • Fingerprint taking based on international standard format iso
  • Possibility for the base to be reused with other applications
  • Card production with NFC capabilities
  • 1 to 1 and 1 to n recognition process for face and fingerprint
  • Cross check and workflow for employees and dependants
  • Desktop application for data capture and web application to control and validate data
  • Printing of id cards
  • Deactivation of cardholders to act across all activities

Main features

Customizable fields

Fingerprint Capture

Passport Type Picture (ICAO)

Document Scanning

Printable Summary

NFC | QR Card Printing

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